Transport is one of the main factors of economic sustainability and growth, but increasing demands in that sector call for pro-active procedures in order to get more innovative solutions quicker into the market. A lot of funding goes into transport RTD, but RTD results do not reach the market accordingly. What is needed are good practices for the different transport modes, to see which exploitation channels are working, where to find financing and first users and how to access new markets.

Thus, the objective of the TIPS project is to produce better innovation in the transport sector by enhancing the capacity of EU-funded FP projects in the field of transport to be at the source of innovation and to help them transform research results into products and services.


Key objectives:

TIPS will analyse successful exploitation strategies in completed projects and develop good practices to help ongoing transport projects exploit their research results:

  1. Analysing the research framework of finished and ongoing national and EU-funded projects;
  2. Developing best practice guidelines and innovation methodologies;
  3. Promoting the exploitation of R&D results and market uptake of innovative products and services to transport project partners;
  4. Supporting completed and ongoing  EU-funded research projects to develop sound action plans for the use and dissemination of results;
  5. Creating a supporting project environment and tools that are sustainable.



  • Deliver  evidence-based innovation and exploitation role models for the transport research sector
  • Identify obstacles and key issues for successful exploitation, specified for the different transport modes and related to the different exploitation roads and key players
  • Implement information and basic training for up to 100 project partners
  • Deliver a training academy and exploitation strategy coaching for up to 50 highly innovative EU RTD transport projects
  • Recommend exploitation strategies for transport research projects
  • Publish role models, good practices and case studies for exploitation

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