"ICT for Mobility" networking booth @ ICT2013 event

Start date: 06-11-2013  |  End date: 08-11-2013


The TIPS networking booth “ICT for Mobility” was successfully organized during the ICT2013 event in Vilnius, Lithuania. In line with the project objectives to promote best pathways and methodologies for a successful transformation of research results into innovative products/services and assist European organisations in developing sound exploitation plans to enhance/enrich their product/service portfolio, at the booth TIPS partners:

  • presented the first results of a survey on the exploitation approaches of FP7 projects in the broader field of Transport, providing evidence that there is still room for improvement in using and exploiting research results; and

  • engaged the visitors into an interactive game focusing on 2 critical questions:
    • What are the key factors that affect the market uptake of R&D results?
    • How we can bridge the gap from R to I?

Visitors, coming from both private companies and universities and research institutes, shared their experience on ‘internal’ and ‘external’ barriers and success factors for transforming research results into products, processes or services in the broader Transport sector.

Indicatively, the following comments are mentioned:


  • Well balanced consortium

  • Experience in collaborative projects

  • Positive coordination

  • Commitment to bring the product to the market


  • Gap between markets needs and project objectives and outputs

  • Lack of networking

  • Poor definition of background IPR

  • Imbalance between available resources and objectives


  • New policies and regulations

  • National support

  • Involvement of large industries




  • Financing possibilities, tax systems, access to venture capital, fuel prices

  • Standardization

  • Societal acceptance

  • Competing technologies









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