Enhancing the transfer of Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) innovations to the market

Start date: 26-06-2013  |  End date: 26-06-2013

1st Workshop on
Enhancing the transfer of Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) innovations to the market” 

 Location / Venue 

 Thessaloniki, Greece / Thessaloniki Concert Hall (Megaro Mousikis Thessalonikis - ktirio M2) 

 Date / Time

 Wednesday, 26 June 2013 / 16:00-20:00



The workshop is organized within the framework of the EU-funded initiatives TIPS project and T-TRANS project. One of the main objectives of the two projects is to develop a pan-European network of “knowledge producers” and “knowledge users” in the field of Transport (i.e. research institutions, private enterprises, public bodies, etc) that are interested to promote the development and implementation of Intelligent Transport Systems, while highlighting the knowledge deriving from EU-funded research projects.

Objectibe of the workshop
During the workshop a number of case studies will be briefly presented, namely ITS that have already been set up in various organizations in the broader area of Thessaloniki (e.g. Thessaloniki’s commercial port, urban transport, taxi association, etc). The open discussion that will follow will focus on the barriers/obstacles for commercialization of I.T.S. solutions.

Agenda and presentations


 16:00  Welcome / Registration

 Short introduction to T-TRANS

Mr. I. Passas – Civil Engineer – NTELSPACE S.A., Research Associate


 Exploitation of research results deriving from EU-funded research projects – TIPS project

Mr I. Delioglanis – MSc in Telecommunications and project manager at Q-PLAN North Greece Ltd

Session 1: ITS Introduction and setting up the landscape


 From Research to Innovation – the EC perspective of research activities in the field of Transport (Short vesrion / Full version)

Mrs. E. Zacharaki – Transport Engineer, Civil Engineering department of the University of Thessaly and Advisor to the Cabinet of General Secretary of Transport in the Hellenic Ministry of Development, Competitiveness, Transport, Infrastructure & Networks


 Introduction of I.T.S. Hellas, The Public Private facilitator of ITS deployment in Greece

Mr. V. Mizaras -Secretary General ITS Hellas, (MD Infotrip SA)

Session 2: Case studies presentation


 TRAINOSE SA Passengers' information system – the benefits gained through e-platform implementation

Mr. Vangelis Katsaros - European projects special advisor


 I.T.S solutions developed within the Hellenic Institute of Transport

Mrs G. Aifadopoulou – Civil and Transport Engineer and Principal Researcher at the Hellenic Institute of Transport, Centre for Research and Technology Hellas (CERTH/HIT)


 A web application for the benefits of passengers

Dr. George Spanos – Planning and Resources Directorate at the Organisation of Urban Transportation of Thessaloniki


 “Smart Gate” IT system that supports the internal operation of the Thessaloniki commercial port

Mr. A. Moutzouris – Epikoinonia Ltd. The implementation of Smart Gate in Thessaloniki Commercial Port


 “Smart – Taxi” application

Mrs E. Karagiozi – Network development Officer at Compucon SA

 18:30  Short Q&A session
 18:45   Coffee break

Session 3: Open discussion


 Joint open discussion
 Moderator: Mr Isidoros Passas – INTELSPACE S.A.
 Key topics:

  • Obstacles/barriers for the commercialization of I.T.S. solutions.
  • Creation of a EU network for the commercialization of I.T.S. solutions


For more information you may contact Mr Iakovos DELIOGLANIS - delioglanis@qplan.gr, +30-2310-411-191+30-2310-411-191




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