TIPS Training Academy 1 - Prague (CZ)

Start date: 25-11-2013  |  End date: 28-11-2013


1st TIPS Training Academy

"Turning Research Results into Exploitable Products and Services"


The 1st TIPS Training Academy was successfully held from 25-28 November 2013 in the Conference Room of the Technology Centre ASCR, in Prague, CZ. Overall, 26 EU-funded projects were represented by 31 participants from research organisations, governmental and non-governmental bodies, as well as commercial organisations including SMEs.

You may download the material from the Training Academy:



Agenda and presentations

Day 1 - Tuesday, 16 November 2013

Day 2 - Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Day 3 - Thursday, 28 November 2013


Monday, 25/11/2013 - "Welcome and site visit"

 14:30  Registration

 Welcome and overview of the TIPS project and the training academy

  • Mr Martin Škarka - Technology Centre ASCR(TIPS partner)
  • Ms Ira Vater - Sophia Consulting (TIPS partner)

 Prague`s individual and public transport concept Ing.

Mr František Polák - Metrostav a.s.

 16:00  Site visit to the Blanca Tunnel Complex

 Introduction Round: short presentation of participants (organisation and project)

All participants

18:30  Open Welcome Dinner for participants, speakers, TIPS partners and experts



Download all presentations of Day 1(~4,2 MB)

DAY 1: Tuesday, 26/11/2013 - "Handling your IPR"

Moderator: Ms Heike Fischer - TIPS Project Manager, Steinbeis-Europa-Zentrum, Germany


 Introduction to the 1st TIPS Training Academy

Ms Heike Fischer - TIPS Project Manager, Steinbeis-Europa-Zentrum, Germany


 Setting the scene for transport research exploitation

 11:00 Coffee break

 Exploitation needs a market – part 1: The future of public transport - Round table discussion with all participants

ModeratorMr Claus Seibt - Wuppertal Institute for Climate, Environment and Energy, Germany

 12:30  Networking Lunch

Intellectual property rights: Understanding the rules


 Exploitation plan (step 1) - Intellectual Property Rights (IPR)

 17:30  End of Day 1



Download all presentations of Day 2 (~5,6 MB)

DAY 2: Wednesday, 27/11/2013 - "Doing your SWOT Analysis"

Moderator: Ms Ira Vater - TIPS Partner, SOPHIA Consulting, Italy


 How to know your potential market: Tools

Exploitation needs a market – part 2: The future of private transport - Round table discussion with all participants
Moderator: Mr David Doerr - TUV Rheinland Consulting GmbH, Germany
 11:30 Coffee break

Success factors and obstacles for successful R&D exploitation

 13:00  Networking Lunch

Exploitation plan (step 2) – SWOT analysis

  • SWOT Analysis - a structured planning method used to evaluate the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats of the integration of the exploitable results in your existing businesses
    Ms Heike Fischer - TIPS Project Manager, Steinbeis-Europa-Zentrum, Germany

  • Identify strength and weaknesses for the exploitation of your FP7 project results - Participant individual exercise (Toolbox - Day 2)
    Goal: Identify those internal factors that are helpful to achieve the objectives and those that are barriers to achieve the objectives

  • Identify opportunities and threats for the exploitation of your FP7 project results - Participant individual exercise
    Goal: Identify external factors that boost and external factors that hinder the achievement of your objectives. Raise questions such as:
    • Market assessment: Possible application sectors, size, trends, specific rules, key players
    • Fits to your own strategy?
    • Market readiness of your result(s)?
  • Your competitive advantage in using the exploitable results of your project - Participant individual exercise
 17:00  End of Day 2



Download all presentations of Day 3 (~6,2 MB)

DAY 3: Thursday, 28/11/2013 - "Planning your Eploitation

Moderator: Mr Iakovos Delioglanis - TIPS Partner,Q-PLAN North Greece Ltd, Greece


Possible exploitation routes: Financial support to bring your result nearer to the market or to carry out further R&D activities

 11:05 Coffee break
 11:15 Good practice case from industry
Mr David Doerr - TUV Rheinland Consulting GmbH, Germany

Get in contact with networks providing you with free support

  • Finding the right business and R&D partners and access to finance
    Mr France Podobnik
    - Josef Stefan Institute, Enterprise Europe Network, Slovenia
 12:30  Networking Lunch

Exploitation plan (step 3) – Finalising your exploitation audit


 End of Day 3



For more information you may contact Ms Jessica Ebner (TIPS Coordinator): ebner [at]





























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