TIPS participates in EC internal workshop on use of transport research results

Published: 09-01-2014


TIPS was invited by the European Commission to participate in an internal Commission workshop “MAKING BETTER USE OF TRANSPORT RESEARCH RESULTS” that was held in Brussels on 25 October 2013. The workshop was for project, programme and policy officers from DG RTD Directorate H "Transport", DG MOVE and other European Commission colleagues, with the aim to exchange knowledge and ideas to ensure better use of the results from transport research projects, particularly with a view to HORIZON 2020.  As this is the precise scope of the TIPS project, we were invited as special guests to contribute to the discussions and to share our knowledge and experience with the Commission officials.

The workshop was carried out as an informal event, using the World Café Method, whereby the convening question was “What, and at which stage of the research cycle, can we do to make better use of the results from research projects and to increase the impact of transport research and innovation?” This convening question was answered in three rounds, focusing successively on the pre-project – project implementation – post-project phases.

A second round of conversation focused on the identification of “Concerns about obstacles for exploitation” and during a third round “Solutions to overcome the obstacles” were identified and votes on their level of feasibility were casted. The solution most voted as most viable with existing rules was: “Include an exploitation phase in project duration, even without earmarked or extra money, but with suspension of final payment (10%) till the delivery of exploitation report”.

Detailed information on the discussions held and the suggested solutions can be found in the Newsletter written by the EC team responsible for organising the workshop.





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