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 Identifying and connecting with future partners for technology partnering or international projects was in the centre of the Partnering Event at Transport Research Arena TRA2014 (14-17 April 2014, Paris, FR). The partnering event, taking place for the first time in the frame of the conference, was very successful: 140 participants from 31 countries all around the world registered with their profiles on an online platform before the event. The business representatives and researchers met in 242 bilateral meetings in a dedicated meeting place directly at the conference premises. The conversation partners could be chosen prior to the start of the conference via the partnering event website, while his service could be offered free of charge to the conference participants – thanks to the TIPS project and Enterprise Europe Network, organisers of the partnering event

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About the TRA2014 conference 

The Transport Research Arena (TRA2014) is the major European conference on transport, supported by the European Commission, the Conference of European Road Directors and three European Technology Platforms (ERTRAC, ERRAC, WATERBORNE TP). The fifth edition of the TRA2014 conference took place from 14th to 17th April 2014 in Paris’s business district La Défense. The theme of the 5th edition was “Transport Solutions: from Research to Deployment” under the slogan “Innovate Mobility, Mobilise Innovation”. The objective of TRA2014 is to mobilise the best researchers and engineers together with policy and decision makers as well as company managers in order to find and implement innovative solutions in transport.


Main Organiser: TIPS project 

TIPS is a support action funded by the European Commission. The objective of the project is to produce better innovation in the transport sector by enhancing the capacity of EU-funded FP projects in the field of transport to be at the source of innovation and to help them transform research results into products and services.


Co-organiser: The Enterprise Europe Network 

The Enterprise Europe Network launched by the Europe Commission, provides information and advice to companies, universities and research organisations on EU matters, innovation, research and technology transfer. The Enterprise Europe Network is made up of close to 600 partner organisations in more than 50 countries, including the 28 EU member states.


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