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The TIPS project aims at enhancing innovation in the transport sector by helping EU-funded Framework Programme projects to transform research results into innovative products and services.

Organisations often lack the internal R&D exploitation capabilities to bring R&D results successfully to the market and they also have a limited knowledge about the advantages of R&D and innovation. This is where TIPS can make a difference by helping transport projects and their partners during and after the exploitation phase.

TIPS will select the best way for each individual R&D project (focusing notably on just completed and still ongoing FP6 and FP7 projects) to bring its R&D results to the market. As a starting point it is necessary to understand where the projects lie on the exploitation pathway and to offer tailor-made services to them.

TIPS offers two levels of services:

  • Level 1 is a basic level of assistance, offered to projects with results that are not yet ready for market uptake. These projects will be provided with information and training to learn more about exploitation strategies and to help them understand how to transform their research results into innovative products and services. Assistance is proposed through activities such as workshops, promotion activities and the project’s web portal. See Increase Awareness Actions for more information.
  • Level 2 is an advanced level of assistance for research projects and its partners that have exploitable, market ready research results. These projects will be assisted in developing a sound market deployment plan for their research results,  first of all in the form of training academies and then in the from of individual one-to-one support. They will furthermore be supported in networking activities in order to find exploitation partners. See Innovation and Exploitation Assistance for further information.

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