Increase awareness actions

The TIPS project offers Increase Awareness Actions as a basic level of assistance to the project partners of ongoing projects that do not yet have market ready results.

These actions are free of charge and are open to all interested project partners such as large companies, small and medium-sized enterprises, public organisations, universities and research organisations.

The project partners will be offered information and training to learn more about exploitation strategies and to help them understand how to transform their research results into innovative products and services.

The actions are threefold: 1) Workshops 2) Information stands and 3) The project web site.



Workshops will be held to support the overall learning process of transport project partners, showing them howto exploit R&D results and how to plan and organise the market uptake of innovative products and services.

These workshops will answer questions such as:

  • How do I go about developing a sound plan for the use and dissemination of results?
  • Which obstacles could I encounter along the innovation line?
  • What possibilities exist to obtain financing for innovative products and services?
  • Which regulations and standards must I consider?

The TIPS project will hold five workshops, whereby three will probably be held in 2013 and two in the first half of 2014. These workshops will be one day or half day events, organised along the side lines of important EU transport conferences.  

All workshops will be announced on the event section of this website.


Information Stands

TIPS will be present at two major European transport conferences with an information stand, aimed at offering transport project partners comprehensive information on the activities offered by TIPS, but also providing personalised advice on how to transform research results into innovative products and services.

Information stands will be announced on the event section of this website.


Project Portal

This website is intended as an entry point for the transport research community and offers advice and assistance to project partners.

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