LOGINN 1st International Workshop "Innovation in Logistics"

Published: 12-05-2013


LOGINN 1st International Workshop on

"Innovation in Logistics - Can collaborative discussion platforms support the innovation uptake in a competitive logistics industry?"

 Date & Time: 5 June 2013, 14:00 – 16:00
Venue: Room B13, Transport Logistics, Munich, Germany 


Logistics investments need to be fostered in order to keep up with other sectors like production. Today’s globalized logistics market requires new solutions on organizational, technological and methodological frontiers. Advanced ICT, new innovation methodologies and new social media concepts allow a new approach to innovation in logistics, which can have a profound impact on the innovation capability of the logistics sector (e.g. better innovation cooperation, new logistics stakeholder integration etc.).The logistics innovation workshop will examine which are the real obstacles for investment and innovation for shippers and other players in the SC and how social media can lower those barriers. In particular, this event will address  the role and impact on logistics innovation of social media and open innovation approaches. 

In order to  discuss these topics international industry representatives have been brought together to address the above mentioned topics.  This Workshop is part of the LOGINN project, participation in this workshop is free of charge for trade fair participants.


14.00           LOGINN: Committed to innovation in Logistics, Margherita Forcolin, Insiel S.p.a

14.15           Innovation Obstacles in Logistics, Jens Schumacher, SFC

14.30           The role of SME’s as Innovation catalysts in Logistics, Andreas Kirchheiner, AIS GmbH

15.00           Technology as key of innovative Logistics Services, Stephan Keßler, Bayer Technology Services GmbH

15.30           On-line collaboration: a possible model for a better logistics!, Andries Stam, Almende

16.00           Official Launch of the Associated Partner Group of LOGINN,  Kostas Kalaboukas, Singular Logic

16.10           Small Reception & End of Meeting




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