The table below lists transport events (conferences, exhibitions and workshops) that could be of interest to stakeholders operating in the transport research sector. This list includes both external events and events organised by the TIPS project.

Start date End date LocationTitleOrganiser
02-02-2015 02-02-2015 BELGIUM (Brussels) Information day on "Smart, Green and Integrated Transport" European Commission
02-12-2014 05-12-2014 BELGIUM (Brussels) European Electric Vehicle Congress - EEVC-2014
18-11-2014 19-11-2014 FRANCE (Paris) 3rd Conference Green City Advancity Cluster
05-11-2014 07-11-2014 GERMANY (Dortmund) 7th European Conference on ICT for Transport Logistics - ECITL iCARGO project
21-10-2014 22-07-2014 SWEDEN (Gothenburg) European Urban Mobility 2014 SAGE initiative, GRACE initiative
29-09-2014 29-09-2014 HUNGARY (Budapest) TIPS workshop on "From Research to Market - Key Factors on Innovation" TIPS project, National Innovation Office of Hungary
26-09-2014 26-09-2014 HUNGARY (Budapest) European Researchers' Night 2014 European Commission, (supported by TIPS project)
21-09-2014 22-09-2014 BELGIUM (Brussels) TIPS Handbook TIPS project
09-09-2014 09-09-2014 UK (Nuneaton) New transport technologies and opportunities for SMEs INTRASME project
30-07-2014 30-07-2014 ITALY (Rome) From research to market - key factors on innovation TIPS project
16-06-2014 19-06-2014 FINLAND (Helsinki) The 10th ITS European Congress DG MOVE (European Commission), ERTICO - ITS Europe
10-06-2014 12-06-2014 FRANCE (Paris) Transports Publics 2014 GIE Objectif Transport Public
28-05-2014 28-05-2014 SLOVENIA (Ljubljana) Workshop on Cooperation of Enterprises with the European Space Agency (ESA) Jo┼żef Stefan Institute
21-05-2014 22-05-2014 ITALY (Milano) INTRASME - Milano Mobility Days INTRASME project, (supported by TIPS project)
16-05-2014 16-05-2014 BULGARIA (Ruse) INTRASME Bulgarian Roadshow INTRASME project, (supported by TIPS project)
07-05-2014 08-05-2014 SWITZERLAND (Bern) World Collaborative Mobility Congress 2014 Mobility Academy
17-04-2014 17-04-2014 FRANCE (Paris) Invited Session @TRA2014: #32 "Developing supporting mechanisms for R&D SMEs for Electro-mobility" INTRASME project, (supported by TIPS project)
16-04-2014 16-04-2014 FRANCE (Paris) Invited Session @TRA2014 - #21 "Enhancing the transfer of ITS innovations to the market" T-TRANS project, (supported by TIPS project)
14-04-2014 17-04-2014 FRANCE (Paris) Partnering event @ Transport Research Arena 2014 (TRA2014) TIPS project
03-04-2014 03-04-2014 GERMANY (Berlin) INTRASME SME Opportunity Workshop #2 INTRASME project

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