Innovation and exploitation assistance

The TIPS project offers Innovation & Exploitation Assistance as an advanced level of assistance to the project partners of ongoing or just completed projects that have market ready results and that need help in understanding how to go about exploiting these results.

All assistance is offered free of charge and is open to those partners of projects who have the intention to use and exploit the project results.

These project partners will be offered assistance in developing sound market deployment plans. The assistance offered by TIPS is threefold:  1) training academies, 2) brokerage events and 3) one-to-one support


Training Academies

Two Training Academies focusing on innovation related topics will be held for project partners with market ready research results.

These Training Academies will be two to three day events, held by transport and innovation experts, focusing on topics relevant for the development of an exploitation plan. They will be held at the end of 2013 / beginning of 2014, the first one in France (Lyon) and the second one in the Czech Republic (Prague).

Each Training Academy will allow for the participation of not more than 25 project partners in order to be able to work intensively with each participant, thus putting the participants in a position to go home with concrete market deployment ideas and an almost ready plan. Further assistance will then be given, if needed, under one-to-one support.

The training academies will be announced on the event section of this website.


Brokerage events

Two brokerage events will be offered during the course of the project, that will be organised in the framework of hosting a large number of participants from the European transport research sector.

These brokerage events will give project partners the possibility to network with others, make contacts and search partners for the exploitation phase of research results and also more explicitly, to actually make and/or to receive technology offers.

All brokerage events will be announced on the event section of this website.

One-to-One support

Following the training academies and borkerage events, the TIPS partners will offer personalised one-to-one support by working directly with the project partners, carrying out exploitation audits with them at their premises and assisting them in developing sound market deployment plans, looking at aspects such as certification, standards, regulations and financing and taking into consideration potential obstacles they might face along the innovation line.


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